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Hi, my name is Michael Schöbel. I am new to Node.js and also pretty new to Javascript. I am NOT new to programming though. I'm 46 years old now and I have been programming professionally ever since I was 18. But almost all of my work has been done in Pascal.

If you want to see what I can do in Pascal, take a look at this:

BTW: The sourcecode I wrote for the search-engine technology behind DeuSu is on GitHub. It is named OpenAcoon as DeuSu's predecessor was named Acoon.

While I did some Javascript before, it has never gone beyond a few lines of code. Certainly never anything that exceeded 100 lines. Never anything that required any real knowledge of Javascript. Just some code-snippets I found online and adapted a little.

And now you are looking at a blog, which behind the scenes is powered by a blog-engine written by me in Node.js. When you see a *.html URL on this site, it is not static HTML. It is dynamically created by a Node.js program. In front of that is an IIS-webserver, which is acting as a reverse-proxy, also serving static files like CSS and fonts, and as an easy way to get standard server logfiles.

At this moment the blog-engine is about 750 lines of Javascript. I wrote that in about two weeks. And as is to be expected from someone new to a programming-environment, the code is just horrible. :)

I was learning quite a lot while I was writing this code. If you take a look at the code you will probably be able to see what I wrote first and what I did last. The difference in code-quality is that big.

Now, why am I writing this blog?

I'm doing this as kind of a diary. To document my process of learning Node.js for others who want to start using Node.js. So that my readers can learn from my experience. Learn what I did right and what I did wrong. And as I am new to Node.js, I have no doubt that parts of what I do will turn out to be embarrassing for me. :)

I'm making the code of my blog-engine public on GitHub. Not because others may be able to use it for their blog (it is too badly documented for that), but so that others can look at the code and see how it changes over time. Because I'm starting to rewrite it. Make it cleaner. And better. Maybe it'll even be considered good code at some point... :)


Author: (Unknown)
2015-06-04 17:18 UTC

Just found your blog and like your posts.

Since you favor Pascal and use nodejs, why don't you try Smart Pascal? Smart Pascal "compiles" Pascal code into JavaScript that can be brought to any JavaScript interpreter, both in a web browser or a nodejs server. Take a look at here:

Do you also know about RemObject's Oxygene? Have you ever use it? What do you think about it? I see Oxygene offers some new things to the Pascal language that should be adopted by other Pascal compilers/interpreters.

May I request you one post? Since I also favor Pascal, I would like to know why you still favor Pascal over other languages. Could you write a post about that? Thank you.

Keep writing. You've got a fan reader here. :)

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